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Worlds and Descriptions

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Here are some of the worlds available to players on our server:


World Name  Description  Screenshot 

The world that you spawn in.  The HUB connects all worlds together.




The DesignWorld is a creative world divided into four regions for different kinds of creative builds.  Please read the region instructions before building.  Builds that are out of place will be removed.

EverWorld - Nether The fire-filled and gloomy Nether.  Dangerous and full of zombie pig men!
EverWorld - The END  The END. The once home to the mighty Ender Dragon, now the resting place of its pillars. This is always a good place to mine ender pearls.   
ASkyBlock Our Skyblock World!  You can access it by typing /is.  
MedievalVillage  A detailed medieval village designed by community member, Sinister_Chill.
Philly A recreation of Revolutionary War-era Philadelphia by Trish Cloud and her students.
WAMS A world for Mr. Isaacs (SkaibolGames) and his students only.  Other players should not build here.


A Google-Earth-style Map of the server can be found here:  http://edurealms.beastmc.com:8123



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